Is it time to expand your horizons?
We invite you to take a thoughtful look at Fergus County for your new or existing business venture.  

Lewistown exemplifies ‘Code of the West’ values with an enviable work ethic based on generations of hard-working Montanans.  The surrounding farm and ranch lands provide a rich base for a solid agricultural economy.  A strong hub of construction and manufacturing businesses provide diverse opportunities for employment.   A growing healthcare industry is stimulating a demand for jobs in the local medical markets.

The backbone of the Fergus County economy, the region is well-suited for livestock production and the cultivation of small grains such as wheat, oats and barley. Hay production is also a valuable production crop.

Health and wellness are leading employers in the region. Expansion and investment in workforce education programs include internship partnerships and apprenticeship program development. 

An expanding sector, specialty manufacturing is a major contributor to the area’s economy and an important factor in job creation for Fergus County.

Several successful road construction companies find the central location of Lewistown a benefit in sending work crews throughout the state and region. Specialty trade contractors and commercial construction businesses reside in Fergus County as well. 

A variety of government offices call Fergus County home, providing dependable jobs and bringing new revenue streams into the community. Examples include:  Lewistown public school system; City of Lewistown offices;  Fergus County Courthouse, Extension office and Fairgrounds;  Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks, Highway Patrol, and Department of Transportation;   Federal Bureau of Land Management and Fish & Wildlife Service.

A rapidly growing sector, tourism is second only to agriculture as a state-wide revenue stream. State efforts to market Montana’s natural beauty and vibrant small towns have begun to filter down to the small towns of rural Montana.

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